Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Join the Ghost Dance for Sydney APEC 2007

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While the rich and the powerful celebrate on the Opera House side of the APEC Fence, ghosts and skeletons will be doing a Ghost Dance in Sydney streets on the other side.

"The Ghost Dance will be vivid street theatre and on grand scale; a creative expression of Sydney people's dissent," said organiser and long time peace activist, Graeme Dunstan of Peacebus.com.

"If all APEC is offering is more corporate greed, more corrupt government, more resource piracy, more wars, more nukes and more destruction of the Earth, let the dead dance!" he said.

"APEC brings the War on Terror to town and its security arrangements will render Sydney a ghost city; let the dead dance!"

Dunstan's vision is that a big bunch of Sydney citizens will dress up as ghosts and skellies, assemble in the Sydney CBD on the Friday evening of APEC and with drums and horns, dance to the APEC fence.

Wilson's Almanac almanackist Pip Wilson is organizing the Bellingen, NSW, part of the protest, which will be making costumes and helping a delegation to travel to Sydney.

Graeme Dunstan reports that Sydney police have received the Ghost Dance action favourably and that he confident that Hyde Park North will be approved as an assembly area.

"Peacebus.com welcomes dialogue with police in planning protest and has a long record of producing peaceful and artful protest actions in NSW, Queensland and Victoria," said Dunstan.

In particular Dunstan says the 30A protest organised for the Forbes Global CEO conference at the Opera House in August 2004, in effect a precursor of Sydney APEC, established respectful relations with the Sydney police command.

"The APEC Fence is the ultimate offense," said Dunstan. "A bunch of resource pirates and war criminals come to town, wage a propaganda Terror War on its people and excercise their power to fence off the city to satisfy their fears and their pleasures."

For Dunstan, the APEC Fence evokes reminders of the Berlin Wall and the Israeli fencing of Palestine. In Dunstan's eyes the APEC Fence is a symbol of the war being waged by the rich on the poor through out the world.

"Dancing to the APEC Fence will be an act as charged with the symbolism as Gandhi's salt making." he said.

Further information www.peacebus.com/GhostDance www.peacebus.com/30A Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688

Special to Wilson's Almanac readers: We have a special page of latest news from many news sources about APEC and the protests. Use this page for the latest updates up to and including the days of action.

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