Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ghost Dancers want to make the APEC fence art

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The APEC Ghost Dancers want the APEC Joint Task Force to lighten up and give them access to at least part of the APEC fence so that they might make it art.

Ghost Dance organisers are appealing to the Deputy Premier, John Watkins, the Minister for Police, David Campbell, and the APEC PoliceTask Force Commander, Chief Superintendent Peter Lennon, to wind back the exclusion zones and create an opportunity for the expression of some creative dissent.

"The fence is the offense", says Ghost Dance organiser, Graeme Dunstan.

"We want access to the fence so that we may invite Sydney people to use the people's side of the fence as a free form, wall newspaper and say what they think about APEC, its occupation and partitioning of the city and its agenda."

"I see the fence decorated with placards and poetry, cardboard cutouts, cartoons and posters, visual surprises everywhere," he said.

The Sydney APEC Ghost Dance will take place on Friday 7 September. Police have approved Hyde Park North as an assembly area but want the Ghost Dancers to stay in the Park.

"All dressed up with nowhere to go," says Dunstan.

Dunstan describes the Ghost Dance as street theatre on grand scale and he is inviting Sydney people to come in ghost and skeleton costumes and make their dissent visible.

"If APEC and its security arrangements are to render Sydney a ghost town, let the ghosts dance," he said.

"If the future APEC offers is more corporate greed, more resource piracy, more corrupt government, more planet destruction, more jails, more wars and more nukes, let the dead dance."

Graeme wants APEC Ghosts to be seen and heard.

Further information Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688 John Watkins, Deputy Premier, (02) 9228 4866 David Campbell, Minister for Police, 02) 9228 3777 Peter Lennon, APEC Commander, 02 8236 2639

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