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Edwin Brady and The Bulletin School of Australian writers

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1869 Edwin Brady (d. August 22, 1952), writer (The Ways of Many Waters; Australia Unlimited; River Rovers), journalist and editor (Australian Workman – succeeded by George Black in 1892; The Dead Bird, later called Bird-o’-Freedom and then renamed The Arrow; The Grip; Worker; The Native Companion et al), friend of Henry Lawson. Brady was one of the founders of the Australian Labor Party.

He is not so well known these days, but a century ago EJ Brady was one of Australia’s best-known poets and authors. What’s more, he had an important role in one of the most seminal moments in the life of Australia’s most famous writer, Henry Lawson.

EJ Brady, was part of the circle of writers now known as ‘The Bulletin School’, a remarkable stable of writers who dominated the Australian literary scene for several decades from the 1880s. He was a great mate of Lawson’s, but also a friend or acquaintance of many of Australia’s greats: Roderic Quinn, Christopher Brennan, AB 'Banjo' Paterson, Victor Daley, Mary Gilmore, Ethel Turner, John Le Gay Brereton, Brunton Stephens – he even 'discovered' the writers Katherine Mansfield and Katharine Susannah Prichard ...

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