Thursday, August 02, 2007

ABC glorifying the murderer Che Guevara

Australia's Radio National Book Show is currently broadcasting a serialized version of Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries. Pathetically, no mention is made, no warning given, that Guevara was the Stalinist butcher of La Cabana, the Cuban death camp that he administered.

"After the successful coup of Cuba’s government Guevara’s forces began a wide-scale crackdown on Cuban dissent through the founding of one of modern history’s infamous prisons, La Cabana. Guevara was the chief administrator and executioner of the prison. The prison held several thousand political prisoners, people who found fault in the newly established government. One by one the prisoners were taken from their holding blocks, paraded around the prison, harassed, abused in front of their family members and then finally executed at point blank range. The victims of La Cabana often shouted 'Viva Cuba Libre!' just before their execution, denouncing Guevara and the new government. Once it was evident that the inmates were verbally defying his authority, even in the face of death, Guevara ordered all prisoners to be gagged before execution. This was a way of keeping the victims in check and his power over the populous secure. Also on Guevara’s long list of atrocities at La Cabana it was reported that Guevara periodically found it amusing to slit open the throats of several political prisoners while they were sleeping."
The True Ernesto 'Che' Guevara: The Dark Legacy Behind The Pop Icon



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