Sunday, July 08, 2007

For two days the Title field in my Blogger has not functioned. Anybody got any ideas?

Please handle me with care. I'm crook -- as sick as two dogs and a crook cat, and my Mum's been far more crook than me. We're white-knuckling it. But the will shall ever renew, as I wrote many years ago:

Fox among the hens

She burned the night with fiery light
shining martian red electric blue.
there was little respite in the ocean night
from the pain or all that they knew.
"I’m only passing through,” he spoke
with an ill-concealed sigh.
A stranger spoke from a silver throat,
"You will surely be passed by.”

And the mist was cold
in the water glow
and the seven apparitions cried.

“I was sitting on my laurels for too long a time”
Said he with a faint insight,
but a stranger smiled triumphant joy
from the flesh of a weary night.
”You are lazy like a laden mule
and tired like a dying hound,”
Said the stranger, “I led you to the gates
but I won’t break them down.”

She watched her man
pounce among the hens
like a fox with a coat of brown.

They both were choosing and seldom losing
for the heart is strong and true,
And the soul, of course, is not enforced,
and the will shall ever renew.
But strangers are known with contention’s bone
to haughtily cut through.

In the miles between
the king and queen
were pictures hid from view.

“Why won’t you look?” she asked, and he shook
as the stranger shrank away
to the sound of a boy who said “Let’s enjoy
and the pictures will pass like the day.”
The stranger called from a concrete wall,
”Has he felt?” and she said, “Yes he has!”
The boy said “So’s she!” and the black of the sea
sank into infinite space.

The moonlight was cool
on the galloping mule
and the famishing fox ran away.

Bright blessings to all.


Blogger Saboma said...

Everyone with Blogger is having this problem, kiddo, and no one seems to know what's up with it right now. To overcome the problem simply aim your cursor above the box when trying to type in a title instead of arguing and becoming frustrated with it. It wins every doggone time.

I read about it at an official Blogger site.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Pip said...

Hi, Saboma. That's good of you -- extraordinarily good -- to reply. Hope you are well. Pip

10:22 AM  
Blogger Saboma said...

I'll never leave a bloke who has been as good to me as you have, fella. I would be foolish to do so and that's a factoid. I am finer than frog hair, btw.

Here's that url I mentioned.
Real Blogger Status

I hope you are doing as well as possible with your health and life's circumstances.


11:44 AM  

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