Sunday, June 03, 2007

Playing war games with our environment

Agreement with the Pentagon ties Australia's beautiful Shoalwater Bay to the rapid military build up taking place in the north-west Pacific

By Steve Bishopric

Australia: "Shoalwater Bay (SWB) is located 70km north of Rockhampton and is adjacent to and part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine National Park and adjoins Byfield National Park.

"SWB has survived as a biologically diverse and superbly beautiful coastal national treasure consisting of around 400,000 hectares; hundreds of kilometres of coral coast, beaches, bays and harbours, wetlands and off shore islands. Its pristine environment is a result of geographic isolation and until recently, only limited, high impact training, by the Australian Defence Forces (ADF).

"The area is difficult to access and virtually unvisited by the local population who until recently believed the ADF provided the best caretaking option. Fishermen, yachtsmen, the ADF and National Park staff, all recognise the significance of this unique region. The 1994 Commonwealth Commission of Inquiry - Shoalwater Bay banned sand mining recognising 'World Heritage' values and environmental importance.

"Public sentiment began changing in 2005 after the Australian Government entered an agreement with the USA, which provided the Americans with long term access to and joint use of Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA), and to other Australian military facilities across the continent.

"This agreement ties Australia to the rapid military build up taking place in the north-west Pacific, particularly in Guam, a US territory to our north. The Talisman Saber 2007 exercise is a result of this agreement; as part of the Australian-USA Joint Combined Training Centre.

"Shoalwater Bay is one of the US Pentagon's largest and most important training areas and bombing ranges in the Asia-Pacific region. There has not been disclosure of the terms of these agreements or what weaponry will be used in SWB or Australia generally ..."
Permaculture Research Institute

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Blogger Gary said...

So whats your point ?

We need the US to assist us in protecting our borders in the event of any aggressor, what better way to ensure our security than to have these guys on board, just remember during WW2, without the US support you and I would be speaking another language

12:18 PM  
Blogger Pip said...

Gary, the following link is one of hundreds on my blog that might help illuminate my point:

12:22 PM  

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