Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why bookmark Daily Planet News?

A reader writes:

"I need to get a new source of news. MSNBC isn't cutting it!!! What is one source of news you trust the most? I can't read more than one a day, usually, so I need one I can count on for unbiased but complete news of the world. It would be especially great if they had an email newsletter that I could read story headlines or short captions and then click on the link for the full report."

My reply:

I'm terribly biased, but I only recommend one news page: Wilson's Almanac Daily Planet News, because it gives you the opportunity to compare 600 up-to-the-minute headlines from 200 sources in 40 categories. I think it's the biggest such page on the Internet, as well as the most comprehensive -- and doesn't represent just one news corporation like almost all of the others do -- so I think it's well well worth bookmarking and checking out each day for the best news round-up.

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