Thursday, May 17, 2007

Take Two: the criminal justice system revisited

"In 1991 Tim Anderson was acquitted of charges related to a bombing outside a political conference in Sydney, in 1978.

"In 1992 he published a book (Take Two, Bantam, Sydney) about his arrests, court cases, and prison experiences, over the previous thirteen years. Take Two is now out of print, but its full text is reproduced here, along with a 2002 update."

I particularly find Chapter 8, 'Denning Goes on the Dog', interesting. In prison parlance, 'to go on the dog', or 'to be a dog', means to be a police informer. Ray Denning in about 1980 was famous in Australia as a prison escapee who audaciously challenged the corrupt prisons system of New South Wales. However, he ended up back in jail, going on the dog and helping police to frame Anderson with the Hilton bombing. All a very sad but interesting story.


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