Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jason Garfield is a juggling maestro

Many Almaniacs will have seen the famous video of juggler Chris Bliss brilliantly juggling three balls to part of The Beatles' Abbey Road, Side B.

Now see the master, Jason Garfield (who likes to parody jugglers), do the same trip with five balls. His goal is to diss Bliss. I'm not sure that's entirely fair, as the brilliant Mr Garfield has a sports view of juggling, and Bliss is juggling art here.

Garfield is incomparable as a juggler, but I still think Bliss's artistic interpretation is superb, regardless of how many balls he has in the air. However ...

See also Anthony Gatto.

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Anonymous Perry said...

Of course Garfield is a much better juggler than Bliss, but I found the performance a bit disappointing. The balls aren't in time with the music. This could've easily had some other soundtrack and been just as impressive. The Bliss performance would be worthless without the specific song it was performed to.

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