Friday, May 25, 2007

Great Gig in the Sky for Chris Green

This Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon) masterpiece ('Great Gig in the Sky', appropriate for my musician mate) was sung yesterday at Chris Green's funeral, brilliantly by a friend of Chris's named Beth. We will all miss Chris's porch music gatherings on his veranda -- the 'Porchestra' as it was called.
"I'm not frightened of dying. Any time will do, I don't mind. Why should I be a-frightened of dying? There's no reason for it. You've got to go sometime." - Pink Floyd.
I and many others wail for the Green man, whose last 18 months were a suffering:

For Chris Green (May 26, 2006) – Pip Wilson

It’s not easy bean a human bean, for life can be a bitch
As I often find when bludgers knock me just for bein’ rich.
It’s not easy when a camel kicks you in the bloody spleen –
And I’m bloody sick and tired of it!
And it’s not easy bein’ Green.

It ain’t no fun to be an Eskimo when they spell it with a ‘q’.
It’s a bugger being in prison when the alimony’s due.
It’s not easy being a lentil tossed into a soup tureen.
It’s hard to be a bonza bloke!
And it’s not easy bein’ Green.

I tell you it’s hard to be a gentleman when the world is bloody mean.
Any king would feel that keenly, more especially his queen.
Being debonair is hard to do when it’s a deviation from the mean.
It’s even hard to wash your underpants!
And it’s not easy bein’ Green.

I mean it’s hard to wash your underpants in the kitchen bloody sink.
That’s what I meant. Because it makes your sheila cranky and the crockerary stink.
That’s why I recommend some kind of washing thingo type of machine.
Ah, it’s a burden being brilliant!
And can be a bummer bein’ Green.

You know it’s hard to be about 60 and it’s hard to be 16.
Yeahhh, and it’s hard to be a sheila like that one I nearly rooted once, Charlene.
Cause in about another 30 years or so her back’ll hurt like mine, know what I mean?
It’s hard to have enormous jugs.
And it was never easy bein’ Green.

I know a bloke in Sydney-town, up there on Bungan Head.
He lords it over all the world with the rantin’s in his ’ead.
He’s got a bonza missus, she’s so patient and serene.
He’s plugged into every-bloody-thing except a dialysis machine.
He’s a funny cove, does a good cabaret comedy routine,
Sort of a cross between Humphrey Bogart and Humphrey McQueen.
So he’s not very funny … but then neither are the Mujahideen
But that didn’t stop them getting Oscars on the silver screen …

He hasn’t got a cracker and he hasn’t got a bean.
Another shitty day in paradise …
Nuh! -- it ain’t easy bein’ Green.


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