Monday, March 26, 2007

Leafletting for the NSW Greens

Leafletting for the NSW Greens
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Saturday was the NSW election and I handed out leaflets in Coffs Harbour for the Greens. The party did its best ever.

"The increase in support for the Greens in the NSW Upper and Lower Houses reflects a growing desire amongst voters for genuine action on climate change Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said today.

"Speaking at a press conference with Greens MP elect John Kaye, Ms Rhiannon provided details of the Greens vote.

"The Greens vote is very likely to reach nine per cent in the NSW Upper House. The Greens are set to gain a record two quotas in our own right," Ms Rhiannon said.

"Our average vote across Lower House seats is also about nine per cent.

"The two party preferred vote in Balmain is Labor 54 per cent to Greens 46 per cent. In Marrickville the two party preferred vote is Labor 58 per cent to Greens 42 per cent.

"We polled over 30 per cent in two seats - Marrickville and Balmain. In three more we polled over 20 per cent - Coogee, Ballina and Peter Debnam's seat of Vaucluse - and in 10 or more we recorded over 15 per cent ..."


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