Friday, March 23, 2007

C-Span coverage of March 17 Pentagon March

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Click C-Span. Under the orange "Featured Links" section, beneath the blue bar which says "Audio/Video", the link for "ANSWER Rally Against Iraq War".

Speakers, who included activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son died in Iraq, and former USA Attorney general Ramsey Clark, call for a new phase in the movement to stop the war and impeach George Bush and his cabal. Tactics mentioned include closing down campuses, refusing to pay that part of tax which goes towards war, and blocking shipments of weapons by civil disobedience and putting one's body on the line. Speaker after speaker condemns the Democrats Party for not opposing the war. Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton come in for special mention for their not blocking the possibility of Bush nuking Iran as well as destroying Iraq.

It's a 2-hour vid. To watch a video of just Ramsey Clark, click this Youtube link.

Lid dip to Diana Schuetz.

Tens of Thousands March on the Pentagon
Riot Police Block Buses and Deny Access to People Coming to the Demonstration

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