Friday, March 30, 2007

A blessing to my friends

Today I'd like to dedicate a rather old poem of mine to my mate, Chris, who rang me today with bad news about his health -- and to all my friends.

A blessing to my friends

When the concrete speeds around your eyes
and failure's demon heaves heavy on your chest;
when all is lost and bands of broken dreams obtrude your brow,
may mother Moon wash you in her white beams
till all your cells are young again
and torrents of ecstasy whoosh! up your being.

When dams of tears unyielding ache,
for fairness isn't in the rules;
when mealy maggot men expropriate
the prize your mind's eye still implores,
while women of jagged ice squeal above like banshee bats,
may the sunrise song of eucalypt and oak and bloom and grass
lay you down in ancient mystic beds of healing
till you slumber unafraid with the silent warm babies.

When one and yet another poison plastic chalice
scalds your hand in this your turn for futile hell;
when fumbled chance and yet another,
and opportunity and possibility sink sad beneath your divinity;
when your hands are bound and cannot punch
the wily smoke that chokes your hopes,
and bed again alone adds aching loss to loss,
may misty light float through balmy groves
and play upon the darkling sea
till all around is jasmine dew
and fountains of amethyst and agate rain your night.

When guilty gales around your face
are filth with city grit and wasted days,
may all your hero wizardry
light up your golden lamp, and may it blaze!


Blogger Saboma said...

Thanks, mate. It found me off-guard and touched my innards ever so softly. I'm not sure which Chris you're talking about but I'll light a candle for him.

*Gentle hugs to both you and to Chris*

10:18 AM  
Blogger Pip said...

Thanks, Saboma.

10:45 AM  

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