Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cheney Sydney greeting a Carnival of the Damned

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US Vice president Dick Cheney, world renowned for his neo-con arrogance and war profiteering, will meet his nemesis when he arrives to address the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, an invitation-only event in the ballroom of Sydney's Shangri-La hotel next Friday 23 February 2007.

Cheney's nemesis will take the form of a Carnival of the Damned by anti-war, Free Hicks protesters on the streets outside.

"Skellies will dance, witches and wrathful deities will stomp, ghouls and demons will wail a welcome to Cheney," says the Carnival organiser, Graeme Dunstan, operations manager for The Sydney Committee for Welcoming War Criminals.

"Cheney, could if he wished, have Hicks home in a thrice," said Dunstan."But this man is not in Australia to talk peace and compassion: rather he is here to talk up more corporate piracy and war profiteering."

The organisers are inviting Sydneysiders to take to get up and come out for David Hicks and join the street theatre.

The slogans of the day will be: "Free David Hicks! Close Gunatanamo! Indict the War Criminals!"

"Wear basic black, put on a skull mask, bring a drum and if you haven't got a drum, bring a pot and bang it'" Dunstan urges.

"We want our street theatre to invite the vengeance of the dead upon Cheney's head and upon all who gather to kowtow to him."

"We want to create an image of the torment that awaits him and his mates in the hell realms, a cacophony of sound and the dance macabre," he said.

"We want Cheney to see and hear us and know without doubt that we see through his lies, see him for the heartless corporate pirate and war criminal that he is," said Dunstan.

Lady Obeid added that she thought that an orange Bring Hicks Home Tshirt over black tights with death head mask would be appropriate attire for both ladies and gentlemen attending.

"Bring a placard. Free skull masks and a black and white face paint would be available for costume making on the spot," she said. "Bags of blood optional."

The Carnival of the Damned will assemble from 8 am Friday 23 February at the corner of Cumberland and Essex Streets, The Rocks. Cheney's gig at the Shangri-la begins 9.30 am.

This creative occupation of public place and public imagination is supported by the Stop the War Coalition, Sydney Bring Hicks Home campaigners and Peacebus.com. It complements the Stop the War Chain Up Cheney rally at the Sydney Town Hall from 5.30 am Thursday 22 Feb.

Further information Captain Graeme Dunstan, Operations Manager 0407 951 688 Lady Marlene Obeid, Social Secretary 0401 758 871 for the Sydney Committee for Welcoming War Criminals

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