Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Canada and the war against terrorism

"Damien Carrick: This week, balancing human rights and security post 9/11 ... Noisy demonstrations calling for the release of David Hicks are becoming almost regular news items in Australia. And if opinion polls are to be believed, he's also an increasingly mainstream political issue, especially this election year.

"Over the weekend Prime Minister John Howard told visiting US vice-president, Dick Cheney, he wants David Hicks brought to trial as soon as possible.

"In response Cheney assured our PM the US administration will do everything it can to speed up the military commission process.

"Meanwhile, lawyers for Hicks are currently in the Federal Court, arguing the Australian government has acted 'improperly' in failing to repatriate him.

"Today, we look at a country which prides itself on its protection of human rights. A close military ally of the USA, with deep cultural and economic ties; a country with a citizen who's been languishing behind bars in Guantanamo Bay for five years and whose government supports him remaining there and facing trial in a specially convened military tribunal. Sounds familiar?

"No, not Australia, Canada.

"Today we're exploring how a country very similar to our own is dealing with questions of civil rights, post-September 11. There are some illuminating parallels and differences ..."
The Law Report (audio and full transcript)

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