Friday, June 30, 2006

Sydney Rally for Palestine

Rally for Palestine
12 noon, Sunday July 2

Assemble in Wiley Park, corner of Canterbury Road and King Georges Road, Wiley Park (a five-minute walk from Wiley Park station), for a march to Lakemba. Speakers include Sheikh Taj al-Hilaly.

A massive war crime is being carried in full view of world opinion.

Israel is preparing for an all-out invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Israel has kidnapped 24 members of the democratically-elected Palestinian parliament, plus 8 members of the cabinet, cut the electricity supply to hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents, and shelled farmland in the north of the Strip. This response is completely disproportional to the kidnap of one Israeli soldier by Palestinian militants. It is an act of collective punishment, and as such is illegal under international law.

Join the protest in Sydney this Sunday.

Write to newspapers and express your disapproval of Israel's actions:

For more information on the Sydney rally phone 0405 760 929 (English) or 0415 394 555 (Arabic).

More up-to-the-minute information on events in Palestine, visit or


Anonymous N? said...

A quickie: As well as everything else, they commented on Channel 4 last night that cutting off water and electricity to civilians is against the Geneva Conventions ... where is the international outcry?

9:23 PM  

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