Saturday, June 24, 2006

Robert Bradford Williams

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1860 (?) Robert Bradford Williams (d. 1942), African-American-New Zealander lawyer (Class of 1885, Yale), born a slave in Georgia.

He was a 'black minstrel' in Australia for a lengthy period beginning in the late 1880s, a colleague of Orpheus Myron McAdoo in the Fisk Jubilee Singers. Williams later became the longest-serving Mayor of Onslow, a suburb of Wellington, New Zealand ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi have just seen your blog on my late grandfather Robert Bradford Williams. I have just transcribed his diary written on tour with the Fisk Jubilee Singers tour of Austalasia, He met my grandmother Kate Burke in Auastralia where they married before coming here to N.Z where he practised law in Wellington..if you are interested

3:35 PM  
Blogger Pip said...

Very interested!!!

7:29 PM  
Blogger jane said...

Hi Pip
Last November we eld a Williams Day
Reunion introducing many descendant
to each other some of whom new little about their ancestors and were eager to learpn about them. Then on the 1st April this year two
cousins and I were invited to morning tea with the mayor of Wellington to celebrate the 90th year of the amalgamation of the Onslow Borough to Wellington City Council.The Onslow Historical Society's 100th issue of their monthly magazine was also launched.
We felt great pride seeing our randfather's handsome face adorning the cover and his story therein .
Regards Jane

7:04 PM  

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