Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rich countries virtually ignore major human disaster

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The earthquake in Yogyakarta 18 days ago has left 1.5 million people homeless, far more than officially calculated a week or two ago, according to the World Bank.

Although the actual loss of life was less than in the notorious Boxing Day tsunami, far more villagers have lost their homes in this disaster, and the cost of rebuilding is about twice as great. The victims of this huge tragedy are now in danger of illness and death due to lack of toilets, fresh water and all the other facilities that make life liveable. Children are already starting to die, according to distraught aid workers.

The Australian Government has committed a contribution of a measly $7.5 million (about the cost of 6 fancy powerboats or 18 average houses in Sydney, according to current prices). The richest country in the world, the USA, with a population 17 times greater than Australia, has shelled out a pathetic $2.5 million according to the USA Government (source). That's less than a cent per person.

There is a number of international appeals currently open for non-measly and non-pathetic human beings to aid victims of one of the world's greatest natural disasters of the last ten years.

Let's just pretend Indonesians are white and send a few bucks ... please.


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Damn, I wasn't even aware of this disaster until you sent the URL. Shit!

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