Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Consider what the war in Iraq is costing the USA

$1.27 trillion. Twice as much as the Vietnam War, according to this article:

"The number is so high as to defy human comprehension. All the numbers ending in '-illion' sound the same. But a trillion is what you get if you spend a million dollars a day ... for a million days. That's 2,737 years -- a cool mil a day, every day, in other words, until the Year of Our Lord 4743. Or, working backward, from the time when Homer wrote the Iliad up to now.

"The $270 billion in rounding error is worth another 750 years at the million-a-day rate. That takes us up to the year 5493 -- or back to when Moses fled Egypt."

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Blogger Wadard said...

Bloody hell, that is as lot of money to spend on freeing Iraq, or whatever is the reason they are giving for being there now.

9:37 PM  

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