Sunday, April 30, 2006

Liam Quin's Pictures from Old Books

I've mentioned Liam Quin's Pictures from Old Books here before, but I like his free resource so much I thought I'd give it another plug. You might even like to contribute or help Liam clean up scans.

"Remains of Ruined Castles, Deserted Abbeys, Old Manor Houses, mansions and stately homes; also engravings, woodcuts and pictures of Old England and Wales; also other subjects mentioned below, including Pictures of old books, scanned, prepared and published by Liam Quin ... Some common searches: castles, gravestones (tombstones), siege engines, pictures of books, oxford, Scottish castles, English castles, Welsh castles, manors." Pictures are in colour and B&W, updated almost every day, and he even feeds RSS and Atom thumbnails. Good on you, Liam.

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Anonymous Liam Quin said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked!


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