Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The long and the shorts of it

Today I had to walk from 23 Dowle St, Bellingen, to the shops, twice in an hour. Quite a long way. It was a bit hot to be walking. I went to Lifehouse, a very good charity op-shop. to buy a pair of shorts. Mine were in appalling condition. At the op-shop, on my return, I told Cal, the nice young man serving, that I had seen young people walking about in jeans, and that at my age, it was much too hot for me to do it, although I probably would have in my youth. I'd mistakenly bought some shorts I thought would fit me, but the drawer stings didn't make them fit anyone but a fat old man. 'As is widely known', I am far from fat. After only a minute, I swapped my new shorts for one pair which fits me, and I rather like them. I swapped them or the others I had bought, at the same price. Thanks, Cal. That's life. Don't wear it out.


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