Sunday, August 01, 2010

George Taylor, world aviation pioneer, Henry Lawson's mate 1872 George Taylor (George Augustine Taylor; d. January 20, 1928), Australian architect, engineer, editor of The Builder and a pioneer of commercial aviation, who flew a glider in the first heavier-than-aircraft flight on the continent of Australia. This he did, with his wife Florence Taylor, Australia's first female architect, on the same day, at Narrabeen, a northern beach suburb of Sydney, on December 5, 1909. (Harry Houdini flew the first machine-powered flight in Australia four months later on March 18, 1910.)

The glider they flew in was based on the box-kite constructions invented by world aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave, another New South Welshman ...

Taylor was a drinking mate of the writer Henry Lawson (1867 - 1922). They were both members of a drinking fraternity called the 'Dawn and Dusk Club', centred around the Bulletin group of artists and writers ...

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