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Ambrose Bierce, the Devil's lexicographer 1842 Ambrose Bierce (d. 1913 or 1914, speculative), American author noted for his cynical epigrams (The Devil's Dictionary). A fictional account of his last days is related in Old Gringo (1989) by Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes (adapted to screen in 1989, directed by Luis Puenzo, starring Jane Fonda and Gregory Peck).

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Bierce's twelve-volume Collected Works were published in 1912. In October 1913 the septuagenarian went to Mexico, then in the throes of revolution, to join the army of Pancho Villa. His wrote a last letter on December 26, 1913 and was expecting to travel to the Battle of Ojinaga. He disappeared; subsequent investigations to ascertain his fate were fruitless and his disappearance remains a mystery ...

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