Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Malcom Fraser quits Liberal Party Malcom Fraser Quits Liberal Party: "'Leftie' Fraser leaves party that left him". It's just staggering, from the point of view of most Australians, that Malcolm Fraser, the politician who was most hated by the Left (when he engineered the sacking of Labor Prime Minister Whitlam), five days after his 80th birthday has left the party that he now sees as too right-wing.

"The prime minster who was attacked by Labor as being a granite-faced arch-conservative in the 1980s was in January derided by the Liberals' Sophie Mirabella as a 'frothing-at-the-mouth leftie' ... Malcolm Fraser, by identifying with Bush senior and repudiating Bush junior, was illustrating that the rightward move of conservative politics is much bigger than an Australian event. It's a big shift in the political world, a world of which Fraser is no longer part ..."

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