Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank you!!!!

Dear 3,557 Almaniacs from every continent of this beautiful planet.

I asked my Wilson's Almanac friends and Facebook friends to light a candle for my younger son, who is unwell.

Hundreds of people from dozens of countries lit candles for him. Some sent me photos of the candles. Some told me they had written songs for him. Many, many, said they were praying for him.

He's still not very well, and I won't share any private details, although some Almaniacs ask me to. This is private family biz. However, I am very grateful to Almaniacs from around the world.

His mother tonight wept tears of gratitude for your candles, and wants to thank you all.

My other son, his big brother Jimi, turned 30 today, and tomorrow I pick him up from the airport. I'm so excited! I was there when they pulled him out at 11:18 a.m. on February 25 (George Harrison's birthday), 1980, here in Bellingen Hospital, but I see him too rarely.

Thank you, too, to three readers who have made donations this month to keep the Almanac going -

Bright blessings. I will write in person very soon to every donor. I just haven't had time or energy.

By the way, Wilson's Almanac website is briefly down

Back very soon with your regular Almy free daily illustrated ezine .

Meanwhile, see you on Facebook -- it's quite lively there.

Carpe diem, and bright blessings,



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