Friday, December 11, 2009

2bbb sign restored

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In keeping with the post-flood refurbishment of the mudbrick studios and offices of Community Radio Bellinger, 2bbb-FM, volunteers have restored the station's much-admired carved sign.

"It is as much a Bellingen sculpture and significant work of art, as a sign," said 2bbb Program Co-ordinator, Misty Hanley. "However, Bellingen's climate had caused deterioration over decades and it badly needed restoration."

The sign was deeply carved out of Bellingen hardwood many years ago by local artist, Brian Keys, and presented unpainted as a generous gift to the station. Its dimensions are approximately 6 feet by one foot and 1.5 inches in depth. In later years, the sign, with its motif of Australian wildflowers, had been painted, but the colours had been ruined by weather and mould.

"When I brought the sign home for restoration, it even had borers and an ants' nest in it," said 2bbb broadcaster Pip Wilson. "Bellingen artist Julie Hutchinson and I spent many hours treating the timber and bringing the flowers and calligraphy to new life with Australian bush colours and gold, but nowhere near as many hours as Brian Keys must have spent carving this beautiful work of art."

The sign (pictured, before and after) may be seen at the radio's studios at 52 Wheatley St, Bellingen, along with other stunning works of local art.

(Press release.)

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