Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Young Somalis say they face racism in Australia

"Young Somali immigrants say they face racism and feel unwanted in Australia. Their problems have drawn more attention since four men from Somali backgrounds were charged with planning a suicide attack on an army base in Sydney ..."

It's reported by ABC News that many Somali-Australians are facing racist abuse in Australia. If the perpetrators think they're being good Aussies by these vile attacks, it's up to other Aussies to tell them that this is completely un-Australian and that the racists are dickheads. This country has a proud history of multi-ethnicity way back to the Eureka Stockade and even the First Fleet, and racism is as non-Aussie as you can get. The first person charged with sedition following the Eureka Stockade was an African-American. So was colonial Sydney's most illustrious harbourman, Billy Blue, after whom many places in Sydney are named. You can't get much more Aussie than that.

It's quite clear that most Somali-Australians are better citizens than the idiots who vainly try to prove by abusing Africans that they have balls. Aussie racists should be shamed as the pea-brains they are, by more intelligent, decent Australians. Racism of any kind is totally old-fashioned, un-Christian and unacceptable.

Indeed, there are some idiot Somalis, vastly outnumbered by cowardly, idiot Aussies. However, completely regardless of ethnicity, the drongos (black or white) should be made to feel as ridiculous as they are until they earn the right to be welcomed back into intelligent community. And that welcome should be genuine and without demur.

I am appalled and ashamed to read of the persecution of refugees by my fellow Australians. On behalf of non-idiot Australians, I apologize to good Somali-Australians for the deadshit Australians whose ignorance and heartlessness is deplorable and not mainstream.

If there's a handful of young Somali-Australian men who stupidly planned a violent raid on an Australian military base, let's deal with them in the law courts we properly value so much, but never forget that Australia is an ally of the USA which has deliberately destabilized Somalia at least since 1991, and helped to turn that benighted country into a bloody killing field. I deplore violence and eschew it completely, and think it is not only stupid, but counter-productive. However, Blind Freddie can see the immense disillusion and annoyance some Somalians have because of Australia and the USA, in the face of the brutality we've wrought in the land they love.

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