Friday, August 07, 2009

Wicked Elizabeth Bathory

Today according to Australian Eastern Standard Time when this item was posted
1560 Birth date of Elizabeth Bathory serial killer (d. 1614).

The ghastly crimes of Erzsébet Báthory (Elizabeth Bathory; the Bloody Lady of Cachtice; d. August 21, 1614) were uncovered on December 26, 1610.

Báthory was a Hungarian countess, a niece of King Stephen Báthory of Poland. Although it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate fact from fiction and legend, it has been alleged that she was a serial killer responsible for the torture and murder of over 600 peasants. It is commonly believed that her primary motive for murder was that she sought to improve her complexion by bathing in the blood of girls, but it is not known if this is a mere legend ...



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