Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why Austar sucks

At 8pm last night two Austar salesmen knocked on my door. It was a dark and cold winter's night and two young men dressed in black jackets, like hoodlums or cops, except for the Austar logo, got a polite but firm, "This is really inappropriate. No, I'm not interested. No, please go away. Do you know what time it is?" I was astonished that any company would do such a thing. I feel sorry for the two guys who are trying to earn a living and have to do such a thing. Only for that I wasn't rude to them.

My friends never come to my home even in daytime without phoning first, and I show the same courtesy to them. I told the salesmen this and one of them disingenuously said he would have phoned but he didn't have my number. That's when I said goodbye and slowly and gently closed the door without another word. My guests and I were shocked. Salespeople should not be sent by their bosses to knock on people's doors three hours after dark. Full stop.

I looked up Austar on Wikipedia this morning and found that it is telecommunications company, the main business activity of which is subscription television, something I need about as much as tuberculosis. In the highly improbable event that I ever need subscription television, Austar will be the first company that will not get my custom.

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