Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Speculation laptop use caused Qantas flight plunge yeah right

"Speculation laptop use caused Qantas flight plunge"

Baz 'Spinwatcher' le Tuff writes: "The front page headline was 'QANTAS plunge laptop link.'

"'Laptops could have interfered with the plane's on-board computer system, it has been reported.'

"Whenever they state 'it has been reported' you just KNOW it's a load."

Right on, le Tuff, as usual. I can just picture the PR suckhole leader at Hill & Knowlton (or Burson Marstellar or whoever Qantas uses these days) at 3am going "OK, guys, we need an angle, and Jerry's 'laptop' damage control pitch sounds good enough for me. I'm tired -- can we get home now? All in favour of Jerry's spin on the Qantas plunge, please raise your Starbucks. Cool. See you tomorrow, guys. Get some shuteye. Cheryl, you have to get that press release out before 4am, ok? Yeah, you'll get a bonus tomorrow. Bonus, I said, dumb tart."

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