Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mary Read and the true story of Caribbean pirates

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My friend and near-neighbour (in country miles),
Cherie Pugh, has written a marvellous book about Mary Read, the fascinating English pirate, who we have discussed several times at these pages in the Wilson's Almanac Book of Days.

"Based on the life of the infamous 18th-Century pirate, 'Mary Read' is an adventure that will leave you with the stink of gunpowder in your nostrils and the roll of the open ocean under your feet. Sail against the Scottish Pretender, charge into battle against the French, and plunder the Caribbean with the Brethren of the Seas!"

At over 200,000 words, it is the ultimate pirate yarn, and suitable for all readers over 14. It's really priced very low considering how big and good it is -- grab yourself a copy and have a good read from my mate, who is not only a seasoned sailor herself, but travelled from Australia to London to research this fascinating historical fiction from musty old archives, such as court records. My friend Cherie has the book for sale at a very good price, online at www.womanpirate.com. Check it out for yourself -- it will also make a great present for a friend.

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