Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pope protest crackdown could backfire, Australian activists warn

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"New laws to prevent people 'annoying' Catholic pilgrims during Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit to Australia are likely to backfire and provoke both protesters and jesters, activists said Wednesday.

"Under the headline 'World Youth Day gets annoying,' a Sydney Morning Herald online blog about the restrictions for the Catholic celebration from July 15-20 notes that 'annoying people has been a great Australian tradition'.

"Under the new laws, police will be able to stop conduct that 'causes annoyance or inconvenience to participants' in World Youth Day events, which are expected to draw hundreds of thousands of young people to Sydney.

"Lawyers say this means that anyone simply wearing a T-shirt with a slogan deemed provocative could be liable to arrest and a fine of up to 5,500 dollars (5,250 US dollars).

"An online retailer is already advertising T-shirts with the slogan: '5,500 dollars -- a small price to pay for annoying Catholics'."
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