Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Colin Ross, hanged, was innocent

There are more reasons than necessary for the immediate abolition of capital punishment, but one of the most compelling is that throughout history, countless innocent people have been executed, and nothing can bring them back nor salve the grief of their loved ones. Take, for example, the case of Colin Campbell Ross (pictured).

"It is too late to save his life, but today a man who was executed for murder 86 years ago has been pardoned.

"Colin Campbell Ross was hanged in 1922 for raping and strangling a Victorian schoolgirl, but the 28-year-old publican always said he was innocent.

"Now, thanks to modern technology, he has been pardoned ..."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

who pardons/forgives the STATE for its miscarriage of justice?

11:22 PM  

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