Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Aid call as Burma cyclone deaths pass 15,000

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"International agencies are pushing to gain access for a massive aid operation in Burma, where the toll from Saturday's cyclone continues to rise.

"State media say 10,000 people died in one town alone ..."

Australia gets green light to help cyclone-ravaged Burma
Burma cyclone death toll hits 15,000
Burma's wind of change

It seems certain that the death toll and human suffering in Burma will continue to rise. At time of writing, I've found it impossible to find Internet links to organizations accepting donations to help the millions of victims of Saturday's cyclone in Burma. If I could find them, I would post them here. However, I'm sure that before long, such information will be available, so may I suggest that readers keep checking the WWW or their preferred relief agencies in order to help. Urgent money will be needed to help families get clean water to drink.

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