Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Campaigners mark Franklin River anniversary

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Australia: "Former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke will be among hundreds of people joining in a celebration in Hobart to mark 25 years since the Franklin River was saved.

"Campaigners from across Australia have been invited to a celebration on July 1, the 25th anniversary of a High Court decision allowing the Hawke Government to stop a dam being built on the Franklin.

"Greens leader, Bob Brown says the event is to recognise the sacrifices made by protesters.

"'People who've been involved in reshaping Tasmania have to take time out to celebrate,' he said.

"'It's not always an easy job and for the thousands of people that came to the blockade, 1500 people were arrested, some 500 ended up in jail...that was a huge commitment at the time.'"

History of the Franklin River Campaign 1976-83

See also Franklin Dam at Wikipedia

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