Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reasons to boycott China Olympics and sponsors

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Two years ago I could google only two websites (apart from my own) with the string: boycott china olympics.

Now see how many, and how many results at Google Images.

China is the world's largest dictatorship and also one of its most brutal. It has been estimated that since 1949, the party controlling China has been responsible for between 50 and 100 million deaths, and the torture of unknown tens of millions. Would you have supported an Olympics in Saddam Hussein's Iraq? Probably not, so why should we fall for all the corporate hype? After all, it's just to make money for big shareholders, and for China to create a fake image.

The major foreign sponsors to boycott are here.

During the Apartheid days in South Africa, many overseas firms pulled their investments out of that country. Even South Africa's record of brutality was no match for that of China. So where is the movement against China? Let's respect the victims of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and those in Tibet, Darfur and Burma, by using the power of boycott.

How much are medals worth, anyway?
The expense to nations that attend Olympic Games is also a disgrace. Australia pours so much taxpayers' money into sports training that it has been estimated that each of the gold medals 'we' won in the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 cost our people $40 million. Britain intends to spend one billion pounds just to train its athletes for the 2012 Olympics. Meanwhile, hospitals and schools in both nations cry out for funding -- and millions of destitute Chinese are hungry in outer provinces.

Sponsors' Olympic Balancing Act

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Sign the Boycott Pledge! Visit us at Boycott2008Games.com and pledge your support to boycott China and the 2008 Olympic Games. Human and Civil Rights abuses, abuses to religious freedom, Tibet occupation and LGBT oppression. Tell the world "China is wrong!"

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