Thursday, March 13, 2008

New reviews for 'Faces in the Street'

My self-published novel, Faces in the Street: Louisa and Henry Lawson and the Castlereagh Street Push, is still getting good unsolicited reviews (and no bad ones yet). Here are some:

Great insight into the workings of the poet's mind
Misty Hanley, Australia
Step back into history ...
Feel the pavement beneath your feet ...
Enter the world of Henry; watch the founding of Australia's current political parties, and the lives of the real working-class heroes,
A time when alcohol was a way of life for many, and how it ruins lives.
A time when women made definite moves to correct an unjust system of inequality.
The timelessness and sorrow of love unfulfilled.
History comes alive!
Even if you don't follow all of the politics you can still watch a young Australia flex her wings in the world ...
A great book for young Australians to listen to the language of a young Australia, slang from the 19th century. And to reflect on the perils of alcoholism. And to equate the power of language and perils in our own time.
Mostly the book, with its snippets of Lawson's poetry, gives great insight into the workings of the poet's mind, his huge grasp of the beauty and power of words despite his illiteracy, and a reflection of the times in the art of poetry.
Written with pathos and humour and honesty.

Phenomenal, evocative and vivid
Skip Williamson, internationally famous cartoonist, USA
Some months ago when we had little spate of email communication I had a chance to read your chapter 'The Death of Henry Lawson'. At the time I meant to get back to you. Which I didn't do. But the thought has stayed with me.
I just want you to know (for what it's worth) that I think your writing about Mr. Lawson's death is phenomenal, evocative and vivid.

Humour abounds in the novel
Ron Marke, Fellowship of Australian Writers, NSW, Inc, Mid North Coast Regional
Pip Wilson ... self-published his gripping historical novel ... humour abounds in the novel ... I thoroughly enjoyed reading Pip's book, and well appreciated his thorough research that gave ... a wonderful insight into Henry's life and times. It's a great read.

[Pip adds: I've also stumbled upon some very generous reviews of Wilson's Almanac at this Stumble Upon page. One says, "If Pip Wilson isn't the 'Wizard of Oz' I don't know who is." Like to add a review of your own?]

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