Friday, February 29, 2008

Mass internment centers in USA?

An important letter from Brasscheck TV:

Many people have expressed concern at an ambitious nationwide program to rebuild and retrofit abandoned military bases in the US.

Who are these facilities for?

Some have raised the suggestion that they may be being prepared as mass internment centers.

Well, you need look no further than Taylor, Texas to find an operative and occupied concentration camp in the US.

Run for the federal government by a private corporation, the facility - known as Hutto - houses whole families including infants and small children, none of whom have been convicted of any crime.

Like the Jews of Germany, the prisoners, refugees seeking asylum in the US from over 40 countries, have been declared "undesirables" and are denied basic due process while a privately owned corporation racks of millions housing them.

Prison cells with cribs? Playgrounds surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards?

These aren't the paranoid fantasies of conspiracy theorists. This is for-profit venture that is operating right now out of sight and out of the awareness of most Americans.


If the friends of the powerful (and corrupt) can make a buck imprisoning politically unprotected people this way, how long before they start targeting other segments of the population?

See for yourself what's going on:

- Brasscheck

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This story is currently being completely censored by the corporate-owned news media the US. - Brasscheck


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