Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thanks to two correspondents

Because of my novel, Faces in the Street, and my Louisa and Henry Lawson Chronology, from time to time I receive some very interesting letters, phone calls and emails about people and things associated with the Lawsons.

A recent example comes from Keith Sutton, who found an 1880s mural in his house at 36 Terminus Street, Petersham, NSW when he peeled back the wallpaper. An article about it is in this PDF file. Keith very kindly posted me a CD of photos of this fascinating bit of history.

Then, a couple of days ago, came an email from a descendant of Henry Lawson's mate, the Australian poet, Jim Grahame (pictured), whose real name was Jim Gordon. Rosalie Raftis has provided me with previously unavailable information about this man, who is a main character in the first chapter of my humble novel. So I now have been able to compile a short biographical entry about Jim Gordon, here in the Book of Days.

I'd like to thank my two correspondents for their generosity.

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