Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yanks -- they can't help themselves, that great activist organization, has as its motto "The World in Action", so I take it to be a global activism site.

It takes subscriptions from people like me, all around the world. It emails me regularly. I support it in many ways.

Yet when I go to this page it refers to me as an American. "We're ready for progress, even if our government is not."

So many American websites do this to me, it becomes infuriating. When it happens to be a progressive, global activism site, the insult is perhaps even more egregious.

I am NOT an American and presume I never will be. Americans' government is NOT my government. I have enough problems without that. Take note, Avaaz!

There are people from 190 or more countries using the Internet. I wish Avaaz would do some activism to help get this daring concept out to webmasters in the USA, starting with its own.


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