Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Afghanistan: a history of invasion

"For a rather brief moment, but brief moment of some two or three years, the Western troops, US, British, Canadian and other, were actually rather welcomed in Afghanistan, because memory was so recent of the Taliban as Pakistani surrogates that a plurality of Afghans welcomed the Westerners. But the Western troops are wearing out their welcome because the West did so little as to amount to almost nothing in terms of improving the Afghan standard of living, even in the capital city itself. As living standards in Afghanistan continue to plummet, Afghans are turning against the West for having betrayed them in the most fundamental sense."

Michael Barry
"Chairman, Department of Islamic Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City and Lecturer in Persian and Islamic Studies, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University. Michael served as an international humanitarian worker in war-torn Afghanistan between 1979 and 2001."



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Blogger Pip said...

That's a great blog I've visited over the years. I encourage my readers to visit and support it financially.

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to kill by remote control is murder that USA leaders skite about to-day 1/1/2008

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