Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turning around the Antiwar Movement

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"The neocons are still winning. Four and a half years after the neocons tricked the nation into launching the most foolish military adventure in its history, the U.S. military continues to execute their policies. The occupation of Iraq and the six-year occupation of Afghanistan continue with no end in sight, and preparations for war with Iran continue. If events proceed on their current course, the U.S. will occupy large swaths of the Middle East for decades – spending trillions of dollars, losing thousands of additional lives, and feeding the regional instability that gives rise to terrorism.

"We in the antiwar movement are still losing. Dozens of major protests, hundreds of Web sites, thousands of vigils, and millions of e-mail messages have had little impact on war policies. The lame-duck Bush administration confidently ignores us, most Republicans rail against us, and most Democrats take us for granted. While polls show increasing public opposition to the war, the movement has failed to translate this mood swing into a tangible result ...

"In my view, the war is an overriding issue because it involves immediate life and death, and because it has long-term implications for the economic health of this nation. To stop this war, I choose to work with others with whom I disagree on many other matters ...""

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Blogger Newsdiver said...

I've been scratching my head for years, wondering why people aren't in the streets. Maybe people are afraid of Big Brother. Dunno. I can't believe people sit around and swallow what the administration gives 'em. Where is the "I'm mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore."

5:40 AM  

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