Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two remarkable sentences

"Ancient symbol of a Sibyl taken from a Moors Coat of Arms. During ancient times, any symbol of these African prophetess' were consider Good-luck, and protection from dying in battle."

This short caption, from an image in a press release called New Book Says African Prophetesses May Be Original Author of Bible Prophecies, contains so many errors (I count eight), what faith can one have in the article about the book by Vivian Hunter-Hindrew? Personally, I have none.

The caption would not have been accepted by my 5th Class primary school teacher. In fact, I think he would have flung my book at me, then I would have had to write the caption in English until I got it right -- something like this:

"Ancient symbol of a Sibyl taken from a Moor's coat of arms. During ancient times, [any] symbols of these African prophetesses were considered good luck, and protection from dying in battle."


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