Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Help stop waterboarding

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"In his confirmation hearing Judge Mukasey [nominee for United States Attorney General -- PW] was asked for his opinion on waterboarding as a constitutionally valid technique for interrogation. Mukasey replied, 'I don't know what's involved in the technique. ... I think it would be irresponsible of me to discuss particular techniques with which I am not familiar.'

" would like to offer to help the nominee become more familiar with water-based coercive interrogation techniques. Using unclassified sources, news reports, and historical records we are attempting to put together as clear a picture as possible of this technique, its history, its legality, and the scope of its use. We are also attempting to organize a group of doctors, paramedics, lawyers, and volunteers to allow anyone who remains confused or unclear on the details of waterboarding to safely subject themselves to as much of the technique as they are willing to endure."

Why can't we renounce waterboarding once and for all?

Update, Wednesday Nov 7

Mukasey nomination heads to US Senate confirmation

Waterboarding is torture
ABC Radio National's AM program this morning said that waterboarding involves pouring water onto a detainee's face. The journalist is guilty of propagating a gross misconception, or whitewashing, of a brutal form of torture practised widely by American agencies. In fact,

"The head is tilted back and water is poured into the upturned mouth or nose. Eventually the subject cannot exhale more air or cough out more water, the lungs are collapsed, and the sinuses and trachea are filled with water. The subject is drowned from the inside, filling with water from the head down. The chest and lungs are kept higher than the head so that coughing draws water up and into the lungs while avoiding total suffocation."

Elect to End Torture '08 (USA)

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