Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bill's Story

My paternal grandfather was William Wilson, and he was a great and remarkable man. But a better known great and remarkable William Wilson was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Regardless of what I, or anyone, might think of Bill W, his religiosity and his movement, this film in parts of him telling his personal story of recovery from alcoholism is fascinating. He has a very eloquent way of speaking, albeit slow and deliberate. Bill W recounts many aspects of his alcoholism and recovery, and refers to the influence (second hand) of Carl Jung.

Wilson speaks of his intense, life-changing experience in hospital. It is conjectured by some today that his vision, or hallucination, of a bright, white light was as a result of the medicine he was receiving, which is said to have contained barbiturates, and hallucinogens such as belladonna. Be that as it may, his conversion led to an idea that has helped millions.

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