Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fake mosque feature of training area at Shoalwater

"The Shoalwater Bay Training Area has a mosque and two others are under construction. This is the claim by a building worker who gave details of the mosque's dome and towers (minnarets) [sic] and who has promised photographs. He said that the town's streets are littered with wrecked cars and that Arabic music was being played.

"Talisman Sabre protester, Gareth Smith, said: 'This information directly refutes the assurances given me on April 17 by the Department of Defence's spokesman Tim Herne, who said the mock town did not include a mosque but rather a multi-functional centre which could be configured as a synagogue, church, mosque or cultural centre. The photographs will be released as soon as we have them and will confirm that the central purpose of the Talisman Sabre exercises is the grooming of Australian troops for further invasions of Arabic speaking nations which, like that of Iraq, will undoubtedly violate international law.'"
Perth Indymedia

Update on arrests at Talisman Sabre

Peace Convergence to stop the Talisman Sabre war games

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