Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kazakhstan of Borat

I had guests over for a few days and we watched Borat on my computer. It was the third time I've seen this movie, which is terribly racist and ridicules the poor and oppressed, but is so well done I have to admit it is still funny.

Borat's homeland, Kazakhstan, might seem like a rinky-dink little country, but that is largely because of historical, political-economic and geographical reasons, over which its disadvantaged inhabitants (our brothers and sisters, although the success of Mr Cohen's film depends on us laughing at them) have clearly had little or no control.

Kazakhstan is, in fact, the ninth-largest country in the world in terms of area, and the great distances alone add to the difficulties of the nation 'developing' itself, not to mention extreme weather conditions and, of course, decades of cruel Soviet imperialism.

For the record, the USA is the third-biggest nation, and Australia is number 6. The United Kingdom is 79th.

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