Thursday, April 05, 2007

Australian journalists do it again

The heinous crime of gang rape has sadly been a recurring crime in Australia, as other nations, for centuries.

A couple of years ago some terrible Sydney crimes of this nature occurred that became causes celebres in the local media, with a strong emphasis on the fact that the perpetrators were Lebanese Muslims. It took some Lebanese community leaders to point out to the ponces of the press that in Lebanon, rape is also a hated crime, and that these young men were raised in Australia, not Lebanon. In other words, they might have learned their brand of evil in Australia. Still the racist reports continued. Gutter-rag tabloids like The Daily Telegraph wallowed in it. So did the 'prestigious' broadsheets like The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.

Be that as it may, today's story in the Herald, Gang rape filmed on mobile phone, pointedly does not mention ethnicity or religion. It does mention that -- and this is almost too rotten a thing to write -- a girl was gang raped in Sydney and film of the crime was passed around students of 'a private school'.

Imagine if it was a Muslim school. I expect the headline could well have mentioned it, and almost certainly the article would have. But, no. According to ABC Radio News, it was a Catholic school. Look for a mention of it -- you won't find a mention of it in good old Granny Herald.

Statistics consistently show that immigrant communities in Australia have a crime rate generally equal to or less than that of the native-born population. Australian journalism has a lot to answer for, for pandering to some of the lowest instincts in an under-educated community.

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