Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fuck off Patrick

Bock the Robber, from Limerick, Ireland, writes in Fuck Off, St Patrick:

"What are we celebrating? Some Welsh religious nutcase arrived over here and filled us with a load of bullshit that eventually went on to become the Irish Catholic church? The most dysfunctional and oppressive organisation ever to screw up the Irish people?

"This we should celebrate?

"No surprise that people drink excessively on St Patrick's Day. It's probably the best way to blot out the memories of stupidity, greed, tyranny and abuse inflicted on the Irish people by the bastards that fucker Patrick introduced to us ...

"God, I just love watching dozens of fat girls with frozen blue legs and double chins. And as for the ancient Americans staggering down the middle of the street and waving at us? Oh stop. The excitement is too much."

Bock also writes about More St Patrick's Day Shite, and Mother Teresa the Crook.

Lid dip to that Irish Colleen.

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