Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hicks deteriorating, says lawyer

"Accused terrorist David Hicks is in poor shape and showing signs of mental deterioration, his Australian lawyer says.

"David McLeod met his Adelaide-born client today at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

"'He was very pleased to see us,' Mr McLeod said.

"'Since I saw him early last year, and since the other Australian lawyer (Michael Griffen) saw him 14 months ago, there has been a deterioration in David's condition.

"'He shows all the signs of someone who has been kept in isolation for a very long time' ..."
The Australian

Interviewed on ABC Radio, David Hicks's lawyer said that the young man now looks like an old man and "his outlook is one of despair". David Hicks is 31 now and has been held by the USA without trial in appalling conditions for five years. His crime? Who knows? As far as I can tell he was allegedly captured as an alleged combatant on or near the battlefield -- but I don't recall that after WWII we kept millions of Japanese and Germans chained to a cell floor for five years without trial.

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Click for more global actions one person can take

Canberra Convergence for David Hicks On the Opening of Parliament
Tuesday 6 February 2007, 11 am

From 11 am elected representatives will be invited to address thecrowd outside the Parliament and say how they stand. After theParliament assembles the campaigners will take their demands to theUS Embassy.
Event Flyer here (pdf file 212 Kb)
Bus from Sydney information (pdf file 284 Kb)

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